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Star Trek-themed 3Doodler pens flying high on Kickstarter

Travel to the final frontier of creativity with limited-edition Trek-themed 3Doodler pen sets on Kickstarter.


It's highly logical Star Trek fans will like these 3Doodler pen sets in classic "Star Trek" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" themes. 

3Doodler pens "write" in 3D. They release heated plastic that cools quickly into a solid, stable structure so you can sculpt anything you want. You just plug the pen into a power socket and start drawing (or replicating) in 3D.  

These limited-edition Star Trek pen sets, part of a new Kickstarter campaign, come with detailed step-by-step instructions for themed projects including Vulcan ears, a Klingon forehead, and your very own Enterprise from both the classic and "The Next Generation" series.

Pledging $99 (about £78, AU$131) gets you a Crew Edition set that comes with a 3Doodler pen, an additional pack of plastic, numbered engravings, Star Trek project stencils and a 3Doodler Star Trek leather pouch. 

The Kickstarter campaign, which ends on July 10, has already raised more than $12,000 of its $1,701 goal. The pen sets are set to ship by August, but keep in mind that not all crowdfunding campaigns deliver on time or as promised.