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Spotify Wrapped Is Here, and the Memes Are Judging Our Musical Tastes

You listened to HOW MANY minutes of The Smiths in 2022?

Spotify's 2022 Wrapped logo is a highly graphical starburst shape with "22 Wrapped" integrated into it.
Spotify Wrapped isn't judging you, but your friends are.

Spotify Wrapped day is almost like a holiday for some people. Users of the Spotify music service on Wednesday discovered the company's made its annual list of all the songs they've listened to over the past year, as well as sorted them into one of 16 musical personalities, displayed how their music listening evolves throughout the day and maybe even snuck in a thank you message from a favorite artist.

People shared their Spotify Wrapped roundups, and naturally, made and shared plenty of memes about the whole colorful concept.

"I think Spotify Wrapped this year should have a category for 'songs you obsessively looped for a week and then never touched again,'" one person wrote.

Sometimes, the sheer amount of time spent listening to music -- or one artist in particular -- was meme-worthy.

"You spent 525,000 minutes this year listening to The Smiths, for the love of God please see a therapist," one person wrote.

Said another, "You spent 1,300,000 minutes this year listening to that one blonde lady."Β  (Maybe THIS blond lady?)

And everyone knows it's totally fair to judge a person purely on the content of their Spotify Wrapped.

One Twitter user wrote, "Once i post my Spotify Wrapped, everyone will finally understand how rich and complex my inner life is. For example: sometimes i listen to Bruce Springsteen."

Spotify's names for musical moods throughout a listener's day were a little unusual. "WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?" asked one user, following up with, "These words look like Mad Libs without the story."

Listeners to other music services felt a wee bit left out.

That's a wrap, folks.