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Spotify Wrapped 2020: How to find your top songs for the year

WAP stands for "Wrapped As Playlist" and here's how you can find your top songs for the year.

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Jackson Ryan
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Your Spotify Wrapped playlist for The Tormented Year Of 2020 is ready!


If it wasn't for Spotify Wrapped, I'd probably still believe it was March. But another year is coming to a close (praise be) and Music Streaming Christmas is upon us. The 2020 version of Spotify Wrapped is now live for most users and you can find your curated playlist on the Spotify App and online. This is quick wrap up to help guide you through the process. 

Spotify Wrapped has become an annual institution that gives you a look back at exactly what you hooked up to your earholes over the last 12 months. Most of us have spent 10-12 months inside our homes and apparently, we've been listening to a lot of The Weeknd's Blinding Lights. That one was streamed 1.6 billion times. I'd say that's enough for a Grammy nomination?

It was all hands on deck for Spotify this year, too -- they've pulled out podcast rankings showing recently acquired Joe Rogan Experience is Numero Uno on the podcasts list, followed closely by TED Talks Daily and New York Times The Daily. If you start a podcast called The Daily Experience I think you might be onto something. In all seriousness, it shows a subtle shift towards informative news podcasts in the face of the pandemic and another interesting little stat is the early morning hours was the most popular time to listen. 

Me? I enjoy a little podcast by the fireside to end the day. It's safe to say I am probably the biggest Protest The Hero fan this side of the Pacific Ocean, according to my own list. Alright, I've kept you waiting long enough. Everything you need is below.

How to find your Spotify Wrapped

If you want to get in on the Wrapped action, you just need to head to the Spotify Wrapped site and log in to your Spotify account. It's that easy. Then you get a PowerPoint-type slide show which well tell you which music you feasted on this year, how many minutes you spent listening to certain artists and an infographic about your top songs. 

My picks are GOOD. As yours will be. Unless you've been subject to thousands of hours of Baby Shark (is that still a thing in 2020?) or The Wiggles courtesy of your little ones.

Beyond just getting your stats, you'll also find a curated playlist of your top 100 tracks of the year in Spotify. There's a couple of ways to do it:

  • Go to the Spotify Wrapped site online and punch in your login details. You'll be able to open the playlist of your top songs (in order), your Missed Hits and "On Record" which is a mix of songs and artists and podcasts you might like. It really is that simple. 
  • If you access via browser from your mobile you'll get the nice little visual rundown of the year. As of now, the desktop version just sends you straight to your playlists.

Your playlist on desktop.

  • Or head to the Spotify mobile app, go to "Search" and you'll find the "Wrapped 2020" card, ready to go under "uniquely yours." Spotify is taking a little time to roll this one out, so if you don't see your playlist in the mobile app right now, a little patience!

The best advice? Mobile browser -- you can add the playlist to your library that way. Or just access the Spotify Wrapped site from desktop and "Save" the playlist by clicking on the heart. Then, you can jump into "Your Library" on the Spotify app and it will be there, under playlists.

Too easy, happy listening, Merry Ear Christmas, good riddance 2020!