Spotify will let employees work wherever they want, even after the pandemic

Its Work From Anywhere program lets employees work from home, an office or both. The company will even arrange co-working space for those who like an office but aren't near a Spotify hub.

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Joan E. Solsman
Spotify music streaming service will let employees work remotely

Spotify music streaming service will let employees work remotely

James Martin/CNET

Spotify said Friday that it will let employees choose wherever they want to work, whether that's from home, in an office or a mix of the two -- and let them move to different cities and even countries. 

The program, called Work From Anywhere, allows Spotify employees to pick a Work Mode, deciding with managers whether they'll work full time from home, from the office, or a combo. The company is also introducing more flexibility for workers to choose their geographic location, letting them decide with their managers what city and country they'd like to work from, with some limitations because of time zone difficulties and regional laws. 

Spotify will even arrange a membership to a co-working space for employees who move to a location without a Spotify office nearby, if that employee still prefers to work in an office environment, the company said in blog posts about the new program. 

Work, Spotify said, isn't someplace you go, it's something you do -- and the company won't measure effectiveness by the number of hours spent in an office. 

Spotify, known for having generous workplace policies already, is among a swath of tech companies that, like businesses in almost all industries around the world, are reevaluating the future of work as their workforces adjust to much more remote employment during the coronavirus pandemic. Microsoft employees may choose to work from home permanently, for example. 

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