Sports Illustrated TV streaming service kicking off on Amazon

The new subscription service will feature documentaries, TV shows and movies themed around sports (and swimsuits).

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Orlando Magic v Washington Bullets

Legendary baller Shaquille O'Neal will be the subject of a documentary on Sports Illustrated TV.

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Hey there sports fans! Publisher Time Inc. on Thursday will launch a streaming service tied to the long-running magazine Sports Illustrated, including TV shows focusing on the annual swimsuit issue.

Sports Illustrated TV will kick off with documentaries series, studio shows and other sports content, but it won't show any live matches. It'll cost US viewers $4.99 a month and will be available through Amazon Channels to people who've already paid for Amazon Prime.

New documentary series "The Vault" will begin by interviewing basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal about his rookie days. Sporty movies on the channel include the "Rocky" and "Kickboxer" films, "Bad News Bears," "Rollerball," "North Dallas Forty" and, er, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."