Spies in Disguise trailer teams up Will Smith, Tom Holland and a pigeon

The bird-brained animated movie also features the voices of Karen Gillan, Rashida Jones and DJ Khaled.

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Richard Trenholm

Will Smith is a superspy. Tom Holland is his Q-style gadget expert. Together they're saving the world -- until Tom turns Will into a pigeon.

Wait, what?

That's got to be one of the most random set-ups for a blockbuster movie I've ever heard, but there you go. The first trailer has dropped for Spies in Disguise, an animated spy movie voiced by Smith and Holland, alongside Karen Gillan, Rashida Jones and DJ Khaled. In terms of subject matter and animation style, Spies in Disguise looks and feels a lot like The Incredibles.

But with pigeons.

Spies in Disguise flies into theaters in 2019.