Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter set for solo movie with Aaron Taylor-Johnson

The Marvel comic baddie is next to get the Venom treatment from Sony.

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Kick Ass and Avengers: Age of Ultron star Aaron Taylor-Johnson points the way to another superhero spin-off.

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After Venom, the hunt for the next Spider-Man villain spin-off movie is over. Tenet and Godzilla star Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play comic book baddie Kraven the Hunter in a standalone Sony film in 2023.

The film is being developed by J.C. Chandor, director of Triple Frontier, A Most Violent Year, All Is Lost and Margin Call. It's scheduled for Jan. 13, 2023.

Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, Kraven is a driven Russian big game hunter who's determined to capture Spider-Man. The British actor playing him, Taylor-Johnson, has experience in spandex: He played the ill-fated Quicksilver (Wanda's brother) in Marvel's Avengers films, and the title role in Mark Millar's superhero send-up Kick Ass.

Spider-man himself is now firmly part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will next headline No Way Home in December this year. But Sony shares the rights to the comic book characters and has started its own universe of spider-adjacent villains. Aside from Kraven, look out for Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson in Venom 2: Let There be Carnage in September 2021 and Jared Leto as vampire Morbius in January 2022.

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