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Spider-Man: Far From Home goes full Dark Knight with Night Monkey trailer

The Night Monkey Rises, as Spidey's MCU adventure comes to digital.

The immensely fun Spider-Man: Far From Home is now available digitally, and Sony released an amazing trailer to celebrate. It focuses on Spidey's super lame Night Monkey alias and injecting Batman levels of intensity into the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie's events.

The trailer only shows Tom Holland's Peter Parker swinging around in his all-black Stealth Suit, which he only uses for a short while in his European adventure. We never see him in the red and black Upgraded Suit, nor does the trailer refer to him as Spider-Man

Tom Holland (Finalized)

Fear the Night Monkey.

Jay Maidment/Sony Pictures

In fact, it all looks a whole lot like the trailers for Christopher Nolan's beloved Dark Knight trilogy. For your comparison fun, we've embedded a trailer for 2008's The Dark Knight below.

Unfortunately, Far From Home might be Spidey's last MCU adventure. Sony owns the cinematic rights to the character and its deal with the Disney-owned Marvel Studios allowed the wallcrawler to join the Avengers in the MCU. That deal expired with Far From Home, and the Sony-Marvel relationship was apparently severed after Disney sought a greater cut of box office revenue from future Spider-Man films. 

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Far From Home was a massive success for Sony, raking in $1 billion at the box office to become its highest-grossing movie of all time. Holland told fans he'll continue playing the character, but said the next Spidey movie will be "very different." Hopefully it'll continue the plot thread set in motion by Far From Home's killer post-credit surprise.

If you still prefer physical media, Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out on Blu-ray Oct. 1.

First published at 5:24 a.m. PT.
Updated at 6 a.m. PT: Adds Dark Knight trailer and background.