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'Spaceballs' Winnebago, Dark Helmet helmet go up for auction

Own a piece of sci-fi parody movie history by bidding on the Eagle 5 space-RV or Dark Helmet's iconic headgear from "Spaceballs."

This space-RV model comes with mini Lone Starr and Barf figures.
Profiles in History

While most people are busy cosplaying as Han Solo, General Leia or Darth Vader, you secretly want to sport a sci-fi helmet so big, you have trouble fitting through narrow doorways. You imagine a universe where you're at the controls of your own space-Winnebago. Your Mel Brooks "Spaceballs" dreams could soon come true, but only for the right price. 

The gigantic helmet worn by Rick Moranis as the Darth Vader-knockoff Dark Helmet goes up for auction later this month along with the highly detailed filming model of the Eagle 5 winged Winnebago, a parody stand-in for the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. 

Both the helmet and the mini-Winnebago will go up for sale through auction house Profiles in History as part of a Hollywood-themed auction on June 28. Profiles in History is currently accepting online bids for both items. Bidding starts at $8,000 (£6,200, AU$10,600) for the helmet and $20,000 (£15,500, AU$26,500) for the Eagle 5 miniature.

Profiles in History describes the space-Winnebago as "hyper-realistic." It measures nearly 3 feet (1 meter) in length and was used throughout "Spaceballs." The model is custom made from cast resin and includes some insane details, like rearview mirrors and a windshield wiper. 

Here's one particularly outstanding detail: "A closer peek through the model's windshield reveals both pilot and co-pilot in place in the form of striking miniature, likenesses of 'Lone Starr' (Bill Pullman) and his faithful sidekick 'Barf' (John Candy) with applied hair and fabric costumes."

The huge Dark Helmet helmet is made from vacuum-formed plastic with a construction worker-style hardhat liner inside. The description also notes it has a "screw-hinged movable faceplate section featuring vents, metalized shower drain mouth piece and triangular embedded tinted see-through lenses."  

Should you take a shot at bidding for either of these rare pieces of "Spaceballs" memorabilia, then I have one wish for you: May the schwartz be with you.


"I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate."

Profiles in History

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