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Watch the solar eclipse drinking beer with Bigfoot

Why just plot out the eclipse's path on a map when you can add in mythical characters or fork up some smothered and covered hash browns?

If the total solar eclipse coming Aug. 21 isn't enough for you, maybe you need to jazz up your viewing. If you're in the South, you might want to observe the event while chowing down on some smothered and covered hash browns at a Waffle House. If you're not hungry, but could use some furry company, you might want to watch with everyone's favorite sasquatch, Bigfoot.

The map of the eclipse's path draws a diagonal line across the nation, and once memesters got hold of it, they created new maps mixing the viewing path with other amenities.

Joshua Stevens created a map mixing eclipse viewing locations with spots where Bigfoot has been spotted.

John Nelson took the "In Search Of..." vibe one step further and mapped the best spots to watch the eclipse and possibly also see a UFO.

University of Georgia Professor Jerry Shannon overlaid the map with Waffle House locations, which just made us non-Southerners hungry. "It's part of the landscape of our lives in the South," he told Atlanta's WXIA-TV.

You can double up by watching the eclipse on a street or in a business that uses "eclipse" in its name.

Want to enjoy a craft beer while watching the eclipse? Home brewer Adam Pfefferle will drink to that.

Need to sober up with some coffee after all that beer? Here's a map overlapping with Starbucks locations.

There's even a strip club eclipse map.

If you need a car to get you to a good viewing point, duh, you're going to want a Mitsubishi Eclipse.

But maybe you want to combine a bunch of this extra eclipse activity in one? Surely America has a place for you.

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