'SNL' reveals what happens when superheroes get pulled over

Holy traffic tickets, Captain Shadow! Turns out Kevin Hart's superhero is keeping a super-secret.

Superheroes in comics and movies rarely live in the real world, the world of traffic tickets and bathroom breaks. But in a "Saturday Night Live" sketch aired Saturday as part of the show's fall finale, host Kevin Hart showed a little of what that might be like.

Hart played Batman-like superhero Captain Shadow, with Chris Redd as his overly enthusiastic teen sidekick, Cardinal. Speeding home from a successful mission, they're pulled over by cops. And when you're driving at 140 miles per hour, wearing masks, have no license plate, and are riding with an unrelated teen boy who cheerfully blabs that he lives with you in a cave, questions are going to be asked. 

The skit takes a little twist at the end, when it turns out Captain Shadow has a secret he's been keeping from his worshipful sidekick. Holy Bolivian marching powder, Captain!

"Saturday Night Live" returns Jan. 13 with host Sam Rockwell and musical guest Halsey.