Simpsons interactive guide collects 30 years worth of spot-on predictions

From President Trump to three-eyed fish, see how long it took The Simpsons' predictions to come true.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton
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Long before we had Skype, Facebook and Zoom in real life, The Simpsons predicted video conferencing in 1995.

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The Simpsons animated TV series has entertained fans with 30 years worth of hilarious antics from Homer Simpson and his family, but the show has also been good at predicting the future

Recently, fans have noticed The Simpsons predicted both COVID-19 and murder hornets.  The Simpsons also foresaw Disney buying Fox nearly 20 years ago, as well as predicted Donald Trump would one day become US president

Plenty of entertainment websites and Simpsons fan sites have lists of the best real-life predictions the show has made. However, nothing is quite as interactive and complete as this Simpsons data visualization guide made by analytical consultant and fan Seffana Mohamed-Ajaz.


Smartwatches were first starting to be used in 2014, but The Simpsons predicted them as far back as 1995. 

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The guide includes every prediction from The Simpsons that has come true in the real world. The guide shows 40 predictions including the FIFA soccer scandal, FaceTime, smartwatchesfaulty voting machines and even mutant tomatoes and three-eyed fish.

"I've always been interested in how The Simpsons tend to subtly predict the future in their episodes," Mohamed-Ajaz wrote on the guide's website. "The predictions have been collected by reading various articles, and watching various YouTube videos that delve into the subject."

This guide lists specific predictions in a given episode, the year of the episode and most importantly, the year the prediction came true. 

It's interesting to note that some of the predictions from The Simpsons that were shown in the 1990s have just now come true in the later 2000s. For example, the predictions of the coronavirus outbreak and murder hornet invasion came from a 1993 episode but finally became real in 2020.

Take a look at the Mohamed-Ajaz's guide to see if your favorite Simpsons prophecy made the cut.

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