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Severance trailer: Adam Scott goes to work in Ben Stiller's twisty Apple drama

A mysterious surgery puts a new twist on work/life balance in this creepy new TV series coming to Apple TV Plus in February.

And you thought your office was weird. This is the oddball trailer for a new Apple TV Plus drama directed by Ben Stiller, starring Adam Scott as a cubicle drone who faces a conspiracy when he agrees to surgically divide his work memories and personal life.

It's kind of a cliche to say this sort of thing has Black Mirror vibes, but come on, it totally does. Patricia Arquette, John Turturro and Christopher Walken also star in the nine-episode Apple TV Plus drama, with the first two premiering Feb. 18 followed by new weekly installments each Friday.  

Stiller is also executive producer for the series, which is created by Dan Erickson in his first major TV or film credit.