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Even Bert and Ernie from 'Sesame Street' now have a vlog

The famous Muppet roommates tackle a crafty challenge that ends with Ernie cheating and Bert in his usual Bert despair.

First there were blogs, then came vlogs -- video weblogs. Now even Bert and Ernie of "Sesame Street" fame have jumped on the vlog bandwagon. Better late than never, guys.

On Tuesday, "Sesame Street" released the first episode of "Backyard With Bert," in which the pigeon-fancier Muppet and his rubber-duck-loving roomie try to pull off a Martha Stewart-esque craft project. In this October-themed adventure, they paint self-portraits on pumpkins while blindfolded. 

Or at least Bert does. More than half of the 3-minute segment is taken up by the Muppet pals squabbling, reshooting and eventually Ernie pulling off a pretty good cheat.

Those of us who've always admired Bert's mammoth unibrow are happy to see it comes in for a rare mention as well. Good to know that even the Muppets are fond of brow-sing the internet.