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See the South Park kids all grown up in Thanksgiving special preview

Come on down to South Park, and meet some (much older) friends of mine.

Video screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

What would Eric Cartman and crew look like as adults? Viewers can find out this Thanksgiving when they watch South Park: Post COVID on Paramount Plus. A new preview for the special released Thursday shows Stan and Kyle, and yes, even Stan's dad, Randy Marsh, as they look years from now. (Randy's gone gray.)

The clip doesn't show Cartman or Kenny as adults -- have to save something for the big reveal -- but grown-up Kyle calls grown-up Stan and reminds him of their childhood promise to be there for each other "when things got bad." It's not clear what, exactly, has gone bad, but the friends apparently are getting together to deal with it.

This is the first of 14 "made-for-TV films," coming from creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, according to The Hollywood Reporter. These aren't feature-film length, but run about an hour long, according to the report.

One interesting fact from the preview: Kyle appears to have possibly taken Mr. Garrison's place as a school counselor, as he's seen seated at a desk with a psychology degree from the University of Colorado, a counseling license, and a sign announcing "Drugs are still bad." (Fill in your own "M'kay.")

Stan and Randy also riff on the special itself, with Stan telling his dad "nobody wants another one of your marijuana specials, Dad," and Randy correcting him that "it's an exclusive event."

Tune in to the "exclusive event" on Nov. 25 on Paramount Plus.