See Jim Carrey as the Joker in new deepfake

Because Joaquin Phoenix's version wasn't disturbing enough.

Wanted to know what Jim Carrey would look like as the Joker?
stryder HD/YouTube/CNET screenshot

Jim Carrey mastered The Riddler, so imagine what he could do with the Joker. Thanks to a deepfake published on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, you won't have to strain your brain too hard for a pretty good idea.

YouTuber stryder HD inserted Carrey's face in place of Joaquin Phoenix's in scenes from the Joker trailer. This year Phoenix won the best actor Oscar for his portrayal of the unhinged Arthur Fleck, who later dons a mask to transform into his Joker ego.

Watch the deepfake below.

You've probably noticed something off about the voice: stryder HD contributed voiceover work to give Arthur that Michael Jackson pitch.

In case you're wondering why: "I did the VO, I didn't want it to be Phoenix's voice, so I did it. I'm not the best voice-over person in the world, but I did what I could," stryder HD wrote in the comments.

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