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See Baby Yoda Snatch a Space M&M in New 'Mandalorian' Preview

Look, the little guy needs to eat, OK?

What's the point of having powers if you can't levitate an M&M right up to your mouth?
Video screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

Sure, The Mandalorian has drama and action and fight scenes, but somehow, Baby Yoda/Grogu just keeps stealing the show with his Muppety charm. He's fascinated with round objects, such as a shift knob from Mando's ship, and he's always hungry, eating soup, pricey blue space macarons, and maybe a frog. So in the latest preview, when he spots a dish of what appear to be space M&Ms, they're just irresistible to him.

In the preview, released on Thursday, Mando deals with boring adult business while Grogu spins happily in a chair, like every kid in a spinning chair ever. While Dad Mando blah blah blahs (and puts a halt to his kind-of kid's fun spinning), Grogu spots a dish of what looks like red or orange space M&Ms. (Reese's Pieces? Jellybeans? Fricasseed frog parts?)

And well, what are powers for if you can't just stretch out your hand and levitate a candy right into it, then pop it in your mouth? A previous preview, released in late January, shows that Grogu can use his powers for more serious endeavors, but hey, this is candy we're talking about. Get in Grogu's belly!

The third season of The Mandalorian comes to Disney Plus for eight episodes beginning March 1.