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Seattle, Orlando and Atlanta among best cities for gamers

A new report ranks the best places to live if you game.

Teenagers playing video games in living room
Seattle is the best city for gamers, according to WalletHub.
Hero Images/Getty

Do you live in a gamer-friendly city? 

Personal finance site WalletHub looked at the 100 largest cities in the US and ranked the best ones for gamers in a report out Thursday. It's good news for folks in Seattle, Washington, Orlando, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia. Those three cities filled the top spots on the list. All the way at the bottom coming in at No. 100 was Detroit, Michigan.

The list is based on several factors, such as the number of video-game stores per capita, download speeds, the price of internet and percent of young adults. 

So if you live in Durham, North Carolina, you're No. 29 on the list and you're paying the cheapest price for monthly internet ($43.43).

In Fremont, California, you're No. 10 on the list and you've got the highest average download speed, coming in at 69 Mbps