SDCC 2020: We unbox Marty McFly and other mystery Funko Pops

Funko sent CNET four new Pop figures that would have been revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. We fell in love with the last one.

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Marty McFly, Nightcrawler, Mr. Freeze and Wade Wilson join the Funko Pop family.

Bridget Carey/CNET

There may not be an in-person San Diego Comic-Con this year, but that isn't stopping Funko from unleashing new collectables for comic fans. 

The company sent me a box of exclusive figures that were destined to be revealed at the annual convention. CNET got the chance to show them off to the world first, so naturally, we had ourselves a little surprise unboxing party on Zoom to fully geek out and give our first impressions.

With San Diego Comic-Con 2020 canceled due to the coronavirus, Comic Con International is now holding a free digital event called Comic-Con@Home. CNET is covering the virtual gathering of panels and an online exhibition hall on July 22-26 -- and yes, there will even be limited-edition merch to buy.

Marty McFly from Back to the Future


Marty Checking Watch Funko Pop.

Bridget Carey/CNET

The "2020 Summer Convention" limited-edition figures include Back to the Future's Marty McFly checking his watch, complete with little headphones around the neck and sunglasses raised. Find him at Walmart for a limited time. Your kids are gonna love it.

Mr. Freeze from Batman & Robin


Mr. Freeze Funko Pop.

Bridget Carey/CNET

Break the ice with Mr. Freeze from the 1997 film Batman & Robin. A character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, this figure is covered in icy glitter and frost. You can find him chilling out as a GameStop exclusive.

Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool


Wade Wilson (Weapon XI) Funko Pop.

Bridget Carey/CNET

X-Men Origins: Wolverine gets plenty of flack from fans. But this movie brought Wade Wilson -- aka Deadpool -- to the big screen for the first time. It's been rough for this version of Ryan Reynolds' character. Lost his personality. Lost his mouth. Lost his head. But if you want to take him home and help heal those wounds, you can find this bobble-headed Wade Wilson (Weapon XI) at Walgreens. 

Nightcrawler from X-Men sequel 

Unexpectedly teleporting into our hearts again is Nightcrawler from the X-Men sequel X2: X-Men United. Designed as the character made famous by actor Alan Cumming, this bobble-head version of Kurt Wagner has detailed face tattoos and is floating on a stand, lunging as he reappears in midair. Transparent legs emerge from the smoke cloud behind him. The detail here had all of us wanting to *BAMF* right into a Hot Topic to get one.


Nightcrawler Funko Pop.

Bridget Carey/CNET

All week long Funko is revealing new SDCC collectables on its social media channels. The figures we unboxed go on sale July 22 for $15, and are all also sold on Funko.com.

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