S-Town, the podcast from the creators of Serial, is getting a movie adaptation

Spotlight writer and Oscar-winner Tom McCarthy is in talks to direct.

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Serial Productions

Participant Media have acquired the rights to S-Town, the famous podcast from the team behind Serial and This American Life. Tom McCarthy, who wrote and directed the Oscar winning Spotlight, is currently in talks to direct the adaptation, reports Deadline Wednesday.

S-Town follows an Alabaman horologist named John McLemore, who sent an email to the creators of This American Life, back in 2012, asking for help in a murder investigation. This led Brian Reed, producer of the podcast to McLemore's hometown of Woodstock and kicked off a series of events that feature family feuds, hidden treasure and a puzzling mystery.

To get too deep into the story would be to spoil it for you, but it's not the first podcast I think of when I think "Big Screen Adaptation".

However, McCarthy is an Oscar winner, picking up both Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay gongs in 2015 with Spotlight, which tells the story of journalists at The Boston Globe investigating sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic church. If anyone can turn seven podcast chapters into a compelling film -- McCarthy is likely the person to do it.

Oh, and don't forget, this is the man who wrote the screenplay for Pixar's Up, too, so he's more than willing to break your heart with a gut-wrenching montage.

No word on when S-Town will be released so until we know a bit more, I'm off to scour the internet for information on Phil Lord and Chris Miller's Serial adaptation.

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