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Russians make a fidget spinner out of... cars?

This trend has officially gone too far.

Chris Cox Social Media Intern / CNET
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Chris Cox

2017's bizarre fidget spinner obsession just got even weirder. Russian daredevils took this year's top toy trend to a new extreme by engineering a spinner made out of three old cars.

A YouTube video uploaded last week by Гараж 54 shows a team working tirelessly to construct the eighth wonder of the world. The 11-minute-long masterpiece depicts the painstaking process of welding decrepit cars together to form the fidget spinner to end all fidget spinners. At least until someone makes a fidget spinner out of space shuttles or something.

By the 8-minute mark, you can see the beautiful monstrosity spin and swerve, leaving a cloud of smog in its wake. 

What hath man wrought?

Гараж 54