Russian Doll season 2 could be a death too far

Does a show about a woman dying repeatedly have legs for a second season?

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Jennifer Bisset
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We're also searching for answers.


Netflix has renewed Russian Doll for a second season. This is a show about a woman who dies, repeatedly. It's a bit like Groundhog Day, but instead of Bill Murray, there's a metaphorical prison dictating the boundaries of a sentient being's existence. Oh, and there's an adorable cat named Oatmeal. Spoiler: He's also a metaphor!

Yes, this is a show that makes you think. It's also been a critical success for talented creative team Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland. However, following surprise, reactions to the news of a second season have been mixed. Amid those setting off the elated emoji fireworks, some have raised only their eyebrows.

Russian Doll is a show about, unsurprisingly, layers. It peeled them away to reveal the key to our hero Nadia's predicament: understanding her relationship with her mother. It turns out letting go of the past really can set you free -- from perpetual time loops of death.

Nadia literally dies on her way to answers, and that's not to mention the drinking, smoking and self-loathing in New York. But she does make it out of the darkness. She confronts her inner demons, moves forward and helps others. So what fresh new time loop can Netflix possibly trap her in?

If Netflix won't give us answers, let's head to a place that will. Twitter!

There's no official synopsis so far, but here's an out-of-the-box concept.

Or you could do this.

Not just a time looper, the show's mind bending aspect is seen as one of its assets. So what happens if you explain too much?

Casting doubts aside for a second, let's enjoy the official Russian Doll's twitter account responding to excited fans.

What will season 2 bring? All we and @CiaranWest can do is have optimism.

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