Rocky IV rematch as Stallone debuts Rocky V. Drago: The Ultimate Director's Cut trailer

I must break you... again!

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Richard Trenholm

The most '80s movie ever is coming back for a rematch. In the red corner is Sylvester Stallone, and in the blue corner is a new version of Rocky IV coming to theaters for one night only with a new title: "Rocky V. Drago: The Ultimate Director's Cut."

Stallone wrote, directed and starred in the 1985 boxing sequel, and he's spent recent months adding 40 minutes of footage to the fondly-remembered film. Hope that means more montages! 

The director's cut will hop into the ring at select theaters on Nov. 11, complete with Stallone in a live Q & A on the undercard. The new version of the film will then be available to rent on digital the following day.

Having begun the original film as a plucky journeyman boxer, by the fourth movie in the series Rocky has risen to be unlikely world champion. But he seems to have met his match in robotic Soviet champ Ivan Drago (a towering Dolph Lundgren), who already dispatched Rocky's buddy Apollo Creed (which set up the recent Creed movies with Michael B Jordan).

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