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'Rick and Morty' fans win a day of McDonald's Szechuan sauce

Now you can get sauced with the condiment that's become a cult classic.

Behold, the power of "Rick and Morty." Fans of the cult animated hit have convinced McDonald's to bring back Szechuan McNugget sauce, a food item it offered only briefly two decades ago.

The Adult Swim show's third-season premiere in April extolled the sauce. (We explain much more here.) Since then, it's turned into one of those internet cult phenomenons -- even those who weren't alive for its original run clamored online for it to return.

Although the sauce was originally provided for dipping McNuggets, McDonald's is now using it as part of a promotion for its new buttermilk crispy tenders. The company is introducing a new, as-yet-unrevealed sauce, making posters of all 10 McNugget sauces and offering the Szechuan sauce only at a very small number of US restaurants on Oct. 7. Scroll down on this page and enter your state to see if it'll be available near you.

Let's all now have a moment of silence for the poor McD employees who are going to have to try and ration the stuff to avoid one sly eBayer from scooping up an entire restaurant's allotment and scalping it online. You deserve a break today, indeed.