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'Resident Evil' Showrunner Wants to Include Lady Dimitrescu in Netflix Series

The show hasn't yet been renewed, but showrunner Andrew Dabb says he wants to bring familiar characters from the games into future seasons.

Lady Dimitrescu in RE Village.
Lady Dimitrescu, seen in Resident Evil Village, could show up in a future season of the Netflix adaptation of the game series.

The first season of Netflix's Resident Evil TV series dropped last Thursday. Though the show has yet to be renewed, showrunner Andrew Dabb expressed interest in bringing familiar characters from the games into future seasons. That includes towering, vampiric fan-favorite Lady Dimitrescu.

"Over the course of the series, I want to bring everything in," Dabb told Polygon on Monday. "Left to my own devices, I want Lady D, I want the plant monster, I want it all. I want everything, but judiciously (and) responsibly over time." 

Lady Dimitrescu is a 9-foot-tall, well-dressed villain the player must tackle in the 2021 game Resident Evil Village, part of the popular horror video game franchise by Capcom. She'll be playable in Village's upcoming downloadable content, which comes out in October. Dabb also mentioned Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield, the heroes of the first game in the series.

The first season of the Resident Evil TV show doesn't follow an individual game and is split into two timelines: one in 2022 and one in a postapocalyptic 2036. Season 1 currently sits at a score of 53 on Metacritic, indicating mixed reviews.

According to the Polygon interview, Dabb not only envisions folding more game characters into the show, but he wants to explore them in both of the show's time periods. 

"The question becomes, how do people change?" Dabb said. "So there are characters we haven't seen in quite a while: Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield being examples of that. How do they react in the present day to all this stuff happening?"

He adds: "An equally interesting question, if not more interesting, is what happens 14 years, 15 years, 16 years in the future, where the thing they were trying to prevent has happened? These characters have spent their lives fighting these outbreaks. What happens when you lose? What does it look like?"