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'Renfield' Movie Trailer: See Nicolas Cage Vamp It Up as Dracula

Cage's gleefully vampiric performance isn't even the most bonkers thing about this trailer.

Nicolas Cage as Dracula klaxon! Check out the bonkers trailer for Renfield, an upcoming horror/action/comedy/very weird movie.

Nicholas Hoult, star of Mad Max: Fury Road and The Great, plays Renfield, Dracula's hapless henchman in the original Bram Stoker novel. The updated modern-day version wants to escape a toxic relationship with his bloodsucker of a boss, but -- in a bizarre twist -- also uses his vampiric powers to take down bad guys in kinetic fight scenes.

The trailer whiplashes from quirky comedy to gory horror to action gymnastics, via a hint of budding rom-com with Awkwafina. Finally, Cage shows up to deliver the classic line ("I ahm Drahcula!") with all the gusto you'd expect.

Nicolas Cage as a creepily grinning Dracula looms over a crestfallen Nicholas Hoult as Renfield.

Cage and Hoult as Dracula and Renfield.


Coming out in April, Renfield is directed by Chris McKay, who helmed The Tomorrow War and the excellent Lego Batman Movie. It's written by Ryan Ridley, who worked on Rick & Morty, based on an original idea by The Walking Dead and Invincible creator Robert Kirkman.

Funnily enough, Renfield isn't the only reexamination of the Dracula story coming in 2023. You can also sink your teeth into The Last Voyage of the Demeter, which focuses on the vampire's seafaring journey from Transylvania to England.