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New 'The Punisher' trailer delivers blood and a release date

At last, The Punisher is coming to collect on a set release date as a new trailer shines a light on his dark military past.

"The US military turned you into a hit man, Frank," tech specialist Micro says in the new trailer for "Marvel's The Punisher." While the footage drops more details on Frank Castle's violent past, perhaps the biggest bit of news is the reveal of a premiere date: Nov. 17 on Netflix.

The Punisher, played by Jon Bernthal, isn't the only one slinging bullets. He's also a hunted man thanks to his participation in a covert military operation that's alluded to early in the trailer. The trailer positions Rawlins (played by Paul Schulze), a CIA operative from the comics, as a bad dude on multiple levels.

This latest trailer confirms one thing we already knew: "The Punisher" will be dark, dark, dark. There's gunfire, blood, a reference to Castle losing his family and a whole lot of anguish on display in just over two minutes worth of video.

One of the final snippets of footage shows Castle sporting a shirt with the famous Punisher skull symbol. The trailer finishes out with this line: "The truth must be taken." At least we now know the truth will be taken on Nov. 17.