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'Punisher' pulls panel from Comic-Con after Las Vegas attack

Netflix and Marvel say it "wouldn't be appropriate" to showcase the upcoming show about a gun-toting vigilante.

"The Punisher's" logo is shown smashed into concrete in one teaser for the series.
Video screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

The Punisher in Marvel Comics has never shied away from gun violence, and teasers for the upcoming Netflix-Marvel "Punisher" series indicate the show won't, either.

But after Sunday night saw the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, Marvel and Netflix decided the show shouldn't have a panel at New York Comic-Con on Saturday as scheduled.

"We are stunned and saddened by this week's senseless act in Las Vegas," the companies said in a joint statement issued Wednesday night. "After careful consideration, Netflix and Marvel have decided it wouldn't be appropriate for Marvel's 'The Punisher' to participate in New York Comic-Con ... Our thoughts continue to be with the victims and those affected by this tragedy."

There's no official date yet for the launch of the series, which stars Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, the vigilante antihero whose family was murdered and who's now out to fight crime at all cost.

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