Psy's Catchy New Video With Suga of BTS Smashes Past 100 Million Views

The video for That That shows the two K-pop stars dancing in the streets of an Old West town.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Remember Psy, the South Korean singer whose hit single Gangnam Style was everywhere in 2012? His new video, That That, came out on April 29, and it brings in Suga of hit band BTS to perform with Psy in a catchy competition. (Suga also produced Psy's new album, which is called Psy 9th.) And it didn't take long for the video to smash its way past 100 million views on YouTube. As of May 6, one week after its release, it had earned more than 103 million views. According to All K Pop, it is the fastest music video released by a K-Pop act in 2022 to reach that milestone.

Psy begins the video by walking through the swinging doors of an Old West saloon and announcing, "2022, Psy coming back!" and adding, "Long time, no see, huh?"

Later, Suga leaps into the video dressed in a cream-colored suit, and says, "Bruh, you forget what I do for a living?" The two then engage in a rap and dance battle, even having a mock fight inside the saloon. (Psy looks dead at one point, but he's back in the saddle again shortly.)

Fans loved Suga's dramatic entrance into the video, quickly working it into memes and tweets.

In an interview, Psy and Suga spoke about their relationship. Psy said that the first time he saw BTS perform, "they blew me away." And Suga praised Psy for paving the way for K-pop in the US.

"We were able to follow his footsteps with ease," Suga said.