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Playmobil goes old-school Star Trek with $500 USS Enterprise set

The Mr. Spock figure will be the first Playmobil person with Vulcan ears.

The Playmobil USS Enterprise has a saucer section that opens and access to the engineering area. It can be displayed on a stand or dangled from a ceiling.

Playmobil is turning back time to 1966 to celebrate the original Star Trek crew with a massive new USS Enterprise set, 55 years after the TV show debuted.

The highly detailed set features a bridge with a removable top and a Klingon ship staring down the Enterprise crew on the screen. The seven figures included with the set represent original characters Captain Kirk, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, Dr. McCoy, Mr. Spock and Scotty. 

This is the first Playmobil model of the Enterprise, and it clocks in at an impressive 3.25 feet (1 meter) in length. The Mr. Spock toy is particularly interesting for Playmobil aficionados, as it'll be the first Playmobil figure to sport pointed Vulcan ears.

The Playmobil USS Enterprise comes with seven crew members and what appears to be a pair of tribbles near the screen.


The Enterprise has working lights along with sounds and dialogue from the show. The ship can simulate a warp core breach (minus any catastrophic explosions). The set will work with an augmented-reality app to bring the ship to life. Playmobil says more details will be coming soon. 

The Enterprise will be available starting on Sept. 8 for $500 in the US and £450 in the UK

The set has 150 pieces, including accessories like communicators. Take a close look at the image of the bridge. Enlarge it. Look near the corner of the viewscreen. Are those a pair of Playmobil tribbles? I sure hope so.