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Play this sweet game of Operation, then eat it

A cake with cords buzzes just like the retro board game, and it's edible.

Anyone who played the classic battery-operated game Operation remembers the telltale buzz that happens when players try to carefully take organs and bones out of the patient lying on the operating table. 

Now, a creative cake made with electronics lets you re-create the fun of playing surgeon. 

"How to Cook That" show host Ann Reardon pays tribute to the retro board game with a cake that not only looks exactly like the popular game, but also works just like it.

In a video, Reardon shares the Operation cake recipe and then explains how to layer the cake and decorate it to make it look just like the game. But the true magic lies in the electronics underneath that let you to play the game itself.

To add sounds, Reardon suggests using Makey Makey, an easy-to-use customizable board, and placing it inside a thin cardboard box. Cut holes in the box, and string the thin white cords and USB cable through the holes. Cover the box in clear packing tape to make it waterproof. Then place the cake in it and cover with frosting. 

"For those of you concerned you won't know where the box is when you go to cut the cake, the computer cable coming out of the side should be a good reminder," Reardon says. 

To program the Makey Makey board, Reardon suggests signing up for a free account on the MIT website Scratch. She then goes step by step on how to create the sounds, which can be customized.

When it's all done, this cake pulls double duty as a party game and party dessert.