Pamela Anderson Takes Control in Trailer for Netflix Documentary on Her Life

The film starts streaming Jan. 31.

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Caroline Igo
Pamela Anderson in Netflix's Pamela, a love story

Pamela Anderson talks about her life in her own words in the new documentary by Ryan White.


Netflix  on Tuesday released a trailer for its new documentary Pamela, a love story. In the film, actress Pamela Anderson details her rise to fame, the pressures of the spotlight and her downfall following the infamous sex tape scandal with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. 

In the trailer, Anderson says she feels "sick" the media has brought back discourse around her stolen tape. Through personal videos and diaries, the actress tells her own story. "I want to take control of the narrative for the first time," Anderson says. 

The documentary is directed by Ryan White. It starts streaming on Netflix on Jan. 31. 

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