Oreo Has New Space-Themed Cookies for Star Wars Fans

If you liked the Space Dunk Oreos and you're a Star Wars fan, these are the cookies for you.

Russell Holly
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Russell Holly
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Remember way back in January of 2024 when globally beloved Hydrox clone Oreo announced its Space Dunk cookies? The new cookie stood out from the rest of the lineup not just because of the vibrant color of the frosting inside, but the popping candy suspended within. There's a whole new audience for this space-themed concept in a new effort to sell cookies that tingle your tongue with each bite, and it's Star Wars fans.

They'll be available starting June 10, "while supplies last," according to Oreo, so grocery stores will soon start stocking Star Wars Oreos with a twist aimed at fans of the franchise. When you open a package, you'll be greeted by either the Light Side or the Dark Side. The Light Side cookies feature a blue marshmallow creme with "kyber" sugar crystals instead of popping candy, while the Dark Side offers the same flavor and texture but with red creme within. Each package includes 10 characters from their respective side of the Force etched into the cookie, using original character artwork from paintings by Star Wars artist Greg Hildebrandt. So when you shove a handful of these in your mouth, be sure to take a moment to appreciate the history of what you're eating. 

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If you're excited about being one of the first people to get your hands on these cookies, several retailers will offer preorders for the cookies starting May 30. Since you won't know whether you've got Light Side or Dark Side cookies until you open the packaging, you'll probably need to buy multiples if you're interested in smashing your cookies together to see which one wins in a fight. 


Here's all the art you can expect to see on Star Wars Oreos.