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On SNL, Gal Gadot goes on Bumble date with O.J. Simpson

Commentary: Wonder Woman can surely do better, you might think. Well, a little later she gets to kiss Kate McKinnon.

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Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.



SNL/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Well, there had to be something about O.J. Simpson.

After all, he was released from prison a week ago, so "Saturday Night Live" had to come up with something.

You must decide how funny that something was. 

Here, Wonder Woman Gal Gadot was presented with a Bumble restaurant date that didn't seem like a match made in anything other than purgatory.

At first, the man seems urbane enough. He knows that the 1990s saw a war in Bosnia.

Oh, but then we discover that this is O.J. and that Gadot -- playing a Bosnia woman looking for love -- has no idea who he is.

Remember, on Bumble the women choose the men. 

One wonders, then, how Gadot's character settled on, well, a man mysteriously acquitted of murder and who's just got out of jail having served nine years for armed robbery and kidnapping.

She admits she doesn't Google her dates, preferring the mystery of meeting someone new.

But these are mere details. For SNL's writers, it was a chance to offer a plastic knife joke.

Still, Kenan Thompson's Simpson can't quite escape his past. People in the restaurant recognize him. Some are more pleased to see him than others.

Naturally, many whip out their phones to take pictures.

One of Simpson's first concerns after leaving jail was, said his lawyer, getting the latest iPhone.

I have a suspicion that Wonder Woman would have taken one look at the Bumble app on her iPhone and swiped Simpson away.

Still, a little later in the show, things got a little better. 

Gadot got to be a little more of a Amazonian superhero and kissed Kate McKinnon.