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Nintendo Switch attempts ridiculous 1,000-foot drop test

No parachute. No coddling. A Nintendo Switch takes a big dive from a drone. Will it survive the landing?

The last time I watched someone torture a Nintendo Switch game console, it involved the usual scratching and bending exercises associated with a normal stress test. These are informative since they approximate everyday wear and tear. On Wednesday, YouTube user stepped things up in a big way with a Nintendo Switch drop test from the great (and silly) height of 1,000 feet (305 meters). 

Our host uses a drone to hoist the Switch into the air before releasing it to meet its fate against the merciless face of a parking lot. The Switch lands with a dramatic-looking impact, but one of its controllers takes most of the stress and the console itself survives in working order. 

So what does this actually tell us about the Nintendo Switch? Maybe it's crazy-durable. Maybe just got crazy-lucky with the angle of impact. Most of the value of the video comes from the entertainment factor of watching the Switch take a daredevil dive and live to play another day of Zelda.