Next Pixar movie, Turning Red, skips theaters, goes straight to Disney Plus

After Soul and Luca, another Pixar premiere shows COVID-induced box office chaos is far from over.

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Big red panda in Pixar's Turning Red

Turning Red turns to streaming this March.


Box office reshuffles continue. The next Pixar movie, Turning Red, will go straight to Disney Plus instead of opening in theaters.

Turning Red stars a young girl who unwittingly transforms into a giant red fluffy panda when things get awkward. The flick will premiere on Disney's streaming platform on Friday, March 11.

You'd think Pixar would be a safe bet for box office success, but this is the third Pixar animated movie Disney's decided to divert from a theatrical release to a streaming premiere. Soul was released on Disney Plus in 2020, followed by Luca in 2021.

Turning Red will still open in theaters in countries where Disney Plus hasn't yet launched, but the service is already widely available across the globe, with more territories opening this year.

With smash hit Spider-Man: No Way Home raking in a billion dollars on the big screen, it looked as if the movie world was returning to normal following the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines. But the threat of the omicron variant shows the pandemic is far from over. With Morbius being postponed just weeks from coming out, it seems the movie release calendar will see more delays and more films skipping straight to streaming as we head into the third year of disruption.

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