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'Yellowstone' Teaser Reveals Fans Have Long Wait for New Episodes

It'll be awhile before viewers can rejoin the Dutton family.

Gael Cooper
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Gael Cooper
John and Beth Dutton speak closely on the ranch house's porch.

Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner star in Yellowstone. 


Viewers have a long time to wait before the hit show Yellowstone returns with new episodes. On Sunday, Paramount released a teaser that reveals the show won't be back until sometime in the summer, with no exact date given. (We'll update this story once a firm date is released.) But look on the bright side: There's plenty of time to review or rewatch old episodes before then. CNET has a detailed guide about how, when and where you can stream Yellowstone.

Yellowstone began airing in 2018, and four full seasons have aired to date, plus the first eight episodes of season 5. Season 5 is the longest Yellowstone season yet. Fourteen episodes are planned, so just six will air when the second half of the season comes around in summer.

The show's season 5 return back in November was its biggest premiere yet, drawing more than 16 million viewers. Rancher and Dutton family patriarch John (Kevin Costner) has moved into politics, and it's every bit as soapy and complicated as when Bobby Ewing became a Texas state senator back on Dallas in the 1980s.

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