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New Star Wars film trilogy coming from Rian Johnson

"The Last Jedi" director will write and direct brand new Star Wars films for Disney and Lucasfilm with original characters from another universe.

Get ready to fly to a different galaxy far, far away with a new slate of Star Wars films from "The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson.

According to Disney chief Bob Iger, who revealed the plan Thursday during the company's earnings call, Johnson will create brand new stories with characters from an entirely different galaxy.

Johnson will also be teaming up with his longtime collaborator, "Last Jedi" and "Looper" producer Ram Bergman, on the new Star Wars films, Deadline reported.  Specific details on the new movies have yet to be disclosed.

No word yet on whether familiar characters from past Star Wars films, video games, books or comics will make cameos in the upcoming stories, but needless to say this is a noteworthy long-term commitment from Disney and Lucasfilm.

Earlier on Thursday, Johnson tweeted a fun video of himself as a hologram interacting with Star Wars character BB-8 while playing a game of Dejarik on the Millennium Falcon. Find out how he made that video with Apple's Clips app here.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" hits theaters worldwide on Dec. 15.