New Hellraiser casts new Pinhead, Jamie Clayton from Sense8 and The L Word

She'll tear your soul apart in Hulu's reboot, produced by Clive Barker.

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Jamie Clayton Sense8

Jamie Clayton (right) in Netflix's Sense8.


The cast has been confirmed for Hulu's reboot of horror classic Hellraiser, and Sense8 star Jamie Clayton will be the new face of iconically monstrous villain Pinhead.

Based on a 1987 film written and directed by genre legend Clive Barker that inspired nine sequels, the new reboot is described as a "loyal, yet evolved re-imagining."

Barker is involved as a producer, giving his blessing to new director David Bruckner. "Having seen some of the designs," Barker said in a press release, "they pay homage to what the first film created, but then take it to places it's never been before. This is a 'Hellraiser' on a scale that I simply didn't expect."

Clayton takes over the role of the facially studded main villain from David Bradley, who played the sinister cenobite in eight films. Clayton previously appeared in the Netflix series Sense8, HBO's Hung, Designated Survivor and another reboot series, The L Word: Generation Q. It's yet to be revealed if Clayton will be covered in the protruding nails that earned the character the nickname Pinhead among the original film's crew and fans.

The reboot's young cast includes Odessa A'zion, previously seen in Grand Army; Brandon Flynn from 13 Reasons Why; and Drew Starkey from Outer Banks and Love, Simon. More-seasoned actors include Goran Visnjic from The Boys and ER, with Hiam Abbass from HBO's Succession.

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