New Die Hard trailer calls it the 'greatest Christmas story ever told'

Deck the halls with explosives. Recut trailer from Fox transforms the classic action film into a family holiday movie.

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Welcome to the party, pal! Help yourself to some cheeseball spread and egg nog.

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Christmas trees, an awkward holiday office party, terrorists and big explosions are the key ingredients to the 1988 action film Die Hard starring Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman.

Fans of the film have been arguing for years that Die Hard is not just a beloved action film, but a classic Christmas movie. Die Hard star Bruce Willis, however, has publicly said he doesn't believe the movie counts as a festive film. 

"Die Hard is not a Christmas movie; it's a goddamn Bruce Willis movie," Willis said during his Comedy Central Roast this July

But the studio behind Die Hard has quite a different perspective. On Tuesday, 20th Century Fox posted a new movie trailer of Die Hard that was recut to make the film look like a happy Christmas classic.

The video has a campy voiceover and jolly Christmas music to further prove how easy it is to reconsider Die Hard as a comedic holiday movie a la Home Alone or Elf

The trailer reimagines Hans Gruber (Rickman) as merely an annoying party crasher who causes trouble for New York policeman John McClane (Willis), who flew to Los Angeles to smooth over tensions in his marriage to wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) at her company shindig. 

At the end of the trailer, Fox proclaims Die Hard the "greatest Christmas story ever told." Yippie ki-yay, holiday revelers! 

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