New Avatar 2 set revealed by James Cameron looks spectacular

Producer Jon Landau shot some awesome images from the set of Avatar 2.

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A lot of this movie appears to take place underwater.

20th Century Fox

Over a decade after Avatar shattered box office records, production on the Avatar sequels continues in New Zealand. Avatar 2 is set for release in December 22, but today producer Jon Landau posted images of the last set set being used for shooting in 2020.

He called it The Matador, and it's essentially a 50 foot command boat. James Cameron tweeted out the images.

According to Landau the giant boat is attached to a "16-ton, 360 degree motion-control base". As you might expect, when making a sequel to the 2nd highest grossing movie in cinematic history, no expense is spared. He also showed off an interesting image of "three Technocranes and a Russian Arm mounted on top of a Mercedes-Benz".

Landau has been quite the source when it comes to releasing tidbits about Avatar 2's production. In October he posted incredible footage of star Kate Winslet shooting underwater scenes. After some intense, free-diving training, Winslet managed to hold her breath for a ridiculous seven minutes and 14 seconds. during shooting.