Netpicks: Everything coming and going on Netflix for January 2018

31 new originals, tons of great movies like "The Godfather" and more hit Netflix in the new year.

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Trivia: Marlon Brando was reportedly paid $3.7 million for two weeks of work on the film "Superman." 

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It's going to be a fun new year if you want to stay in and just watch Netflix. On Jan. 1, you can catch five Batman movies. There's the 1989 "Batman" starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Its three sequels also arrive on Netflix. If you need to wash the bad taste of "Batman & Robin" out of your eyes, you can check out "Batman Begins." In all of these movies, none of the Batman costumes allowed the actors to turn their heads without damaging the costume. That's partially why they changed things in "The Dark Knight."

You can also go on a Godfather marathon starting on Jan. 1. All three are joining Netflix on that day. In all of these movies, none of the costumes allowed the actors to turn their heads. No. Wait, that is not true at all.

Check out the full list below:

New on Netflix, January 2017

Jan. 1

Jan. 2

Jan. 5

Jan. 6

Jan. 8

Jan. 10

In The Deep

Jan. 12

  • Colony, season 2
  • Disjointed: Part 2 (Netflix original)
  • Somebody Feed Phil (Netflix original)
  • The Man Who Would Be Polka King
  • The Polka King (Netflix original)
  • Tom Segura: Disgraceful (Netflix original)

Jan. 14

Jan. 15

  • 2018 Olympic Winter Games Preview: Meet Team USA & Go for the Gold
  • Rehenes
  • Unrest

Jan. 16

Jan. 17

Jan. 18

  • Bad Day for the Cut
  • Tiempos de guerra, season 1 (Netflix original)

Jan. 19

  • Drug Lords, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • Grace and Frankie, season 4 (Netflix original)
  • The Open House (Netflix original)
  • Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, season 1 (Netflix original)

Jan. 23

  • Todd Glass: Act Happy (Netflix original)

Jan. 24

  • Ricardo Quevedo: Hay gente así (Netflix original)

Jan. 25

  • Acts of Vengeance

Jan. 26

  • A Futile and Stupid Gesture (Netflix original)
  • Dirty Money (Netflix original)
  • Kavin Jay: Everybody Calm Down! (Netflix original)
  • Llama Llama, season 1 (Netflix original)
  • One Day at a Time, season 2 (Netflix original)
  • Sebastián Marcelo Wainraich (Netflix original)
  • The Adventures of Puss in Boots, season 6 (Netflix original)
  • Mau Nieto: Viviendo sobrio… desde el bar (Netflix original)

Jan. 28

  • El Ministerio del Tiempo, seasons 1-2
  • El Ministerio del Tiempo, season 3 (Netflix original)

Jan. 29

  • The Force

Jan. 30

  • Babylon Berlin, seasons 1-2 (Netflix original)
  • Death Race: Beyond Anarchy
  • Retribution, season 1 (Netflix original)

Jan. 31

Leaving Netflix, January 2017

Jan. 1

Jan. 3

  • VHS

Jan. 4

Jan. 5

Jan. 15

Jan. 30

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