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Netflix's Sexy Beasts episode 4 recap: A wolf looking for passion

Episode 4 features a wolf on the prowl.

Two of these women have beaks. 

Either congratulations or condolences are in order for having the attention span to make it to the fourth recap of Sexy Beasts, a show of horrors for anyone with a latex allergy. For this episode, we meet Ibrahim, a dancer and graffiti artist from New York and London. (Maybe he dances in one city and grafittis the other?) He's a wolf looking for passion. 

Among his prospective dates is Bella, a model and motivational speaker from London who has the misfortune of not just being a dinosaur, but a dinosaur with a beak. She describes her dating history as a disaster. Considering that all the other dinos are dead, it makes sense. Meanwhile, I check the sky for incoming asteroids. 

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Next is Gabi, a veterinary student from West Virginia who's done up as an owl and has never tried a dating app. Must be nice. She, too, has a beak. Her deal breaker? A guy who doesn't want her dog sleeping in the bed. 

Finally, there's Karisa, a life coach from Texas. Karisa, bless her, is a troll. (Her mask, that is. I'm sure she's lovely and has never harassed anyone online.) The troll getup, though, basically just looks like a fairy tale witch with an underbite to end all underbites. She just wants to get lost in someone's eyes, but also is out for biceps. SHE SHOULD MEET JAMES!

For the most part, the speed dates actually go pretty well. Gabi does reveal a love of doing shots every 30 minutes with friends, and that she only dances well tipsy, but otherwise the dates are pleasant. Crucially, Ibrahim is not into letting the dog sleep on the bed, for reasons of hygiene. 

Meanwhile at the Manor, Karisa doesn't make the cut. She agrees that though they had a nice time, there just wasn't much there. 

Moving on to the second round of dates, Ibrahim and Gabi head to a gin distillery, where they get to customize a gin flavor. She manages to tell a story about getting hit on once when she was "elbow deep in an elephant." It takes me a beat to remember she's a vet student. 

Ibrahim and Bella then do a life drawing class, complete with nude model. 

"I did not expect to see another man's private parts on my date with Bella," Ibrahim tells the camera. They both start by drawing the sofa the model is sitting on. After, Ibrahim tries to lap wine out of a glass. Again: STRAWS. 

When it comes down to it, Ibrahim, who's very polite in doing so, chooses Gabi and her feathers. When they meet, she makes him twirl for her. AND THEN tells him she's getting a friend vibe from him and will need more dates to sort that out. Shouldn't have dissed the dog, Ibrahim.

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