Netflix's Resident Evil anime: Watch the Black Hawk Down-style opening scene

The first five minutes of Infinite Darkness look like Black Hawk Down (of the Dead).

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Richard Trenholm

Resident Evil fans love a helicopter crash. So you'll no doubt be thrilled to see the opening scene of Netflix's forthcoming anime adaptation, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, is based on a Black Hawk Down-style chopper disaster.

The photo-realistic 3D CG animated series streams on Netflix July 8.

The clip shows a US special forces helicopter shot down over civil war-ravaged "Penamstan." A squad known as the Mad Dogs, led by a guy called Jason, goes to help. The clip stops short of showing any actual monsters or undead, but they're no doubt soon to appear alongside the game's characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield when they team up six years later to stop monsters attacking the White House.

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