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Orange is the New Black locks up release date for new season

The inmates apparently are moving on to "max," and the season 5 cliffhanger will finally be resolved.

Ready to go back behind bars? Orange is the New Black, will return July 27 for season 6 on Netflix.

The women of Litchfield Penitentiary apparently are moving to a maximum-security prison after a riot laid waste to their old facility at the end of last season. The show's official Twitter account quipped "Bye bye Litch" in a tweet containing a 20-second video. In the video itself, the words "TO THE MAX" appear onscreen.

The short teaser gives nothing away about what life will be like in "max." It features a short shot of the devastated Litchfield cafeteria, with a prison bus driving away outside broken windows. The only line comes from Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling) ominously declaring, "This is a whole new world."

Season 5 of the original Netflix series was released in June 2017 and ended on a cliffhanger. The riot had all but destroyed Litchfield, and a group of inmates including Alex, Piper and Taystee were holed up in the prison's unused pool. An out-for-blood emergency response team was blowing the doors off. Then the season ended.

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