Netflix's Dark Crystal prequel goes in-depth with Mark Hamill at Comic-Con

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance panel brings plot details and Hamill doing a creepy voice.

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Step back in time to before the events of the original Dark Crystal movie.


Children of the '80s, rejoice. The realm of Thra is returning to life as Netflix's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance unveiled its mystical wares at a Saturday Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

Netflix tweeted it was going full "behind the scenes" at SDCC, along with another look at the trailer.

Age of Resistance is set 1,000 years before the action in the original 1982 Jim Henson and Frank Oz muppet fantasy movie. The prequel will touch on a lot of familiar characters, including the wise and grumpy Aughra, a fluffy Fizzgig, Landstriders, Skeksis and Mystics.

Mark Hamill , who voiced Chucky in the 2019 remake, plays a scientist who uses the Dark Crystal for experiments. He gave fans a taste of his character's crazy voice at SDCC.

During a press conference held earlier Friday, executive producer Lisa Henson spoke about how the show is meant to tie directly into the original movie.

"This is not a reboot. This is a prequel and it's meant to lead seamlessly into the films. And we're very conscious of anything that was established in the film," Henson said.

Star Taron Egerton noted at the conference that his role of Rian, a Gelfling, actually had a lot of physicality to it even though it's a vocal performance.

"It was something that demanded a lot of energy in the booth," Egerton said.

Egerton's work on the film took place over a year and half, with Director Louis Leterrier noting that the actor was cast and filmed Rocketman at the same time as his work on the Netflix series.

Leterrier said the series will have 10 episodes coupled with a behind-the-scenes documentary showcasing the production when it all hits Netflix.

We previously caught a glimpse at the Gelfling struggle to save their world in a lengthy teaser in May.

Mark Hamill, Nathalie Emmanuel, Helena Bonham Carter, Mark Strong, Simon Pegg and Andy Samberg are all part of the voice cast. Age of Resistance streams on Netflix on Aug. 30.

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