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Netflix to adapt beloved fantasy series Redwall

The story of Redwall Abbey and its woodland inhabitants is coming to Netflix.

Netflix will adapt Redwall by Brian Jacques into a series.

Netflix is adapting the childrens fantasy book series Redwall, the company said in a tweet Wednesday.

Variety reported that this will take the form of both a movie and a TV series. 

Redwall is a long-running series by author Brian Jacques, which tells the story of an abbey inhabited by peaceful woodland creatures and incorporates a deep mythology surrounding a warrior mouse named Martin, who helps keep the abbey safe from invading vermin.

Jacques published 22 books before he died in 2011, spanning generations upon generations of Redwallers and their adventures across Mossflower Woods and beyond, fighting vicious rats, stoats, foxes and other lawless creatures. Often, the tales feature small creatures accomplishing big and brave acts of valor in the furry face of evil.

The movie adaptation will come from the creator of Over the Garden Wall, Patrick McHale, Variety said.

This isn't the first time Redwall has been adapted. From 1999 to 2002, there was a cartoon series adaptation of the first book, Redwall, its sequel Mattimeo, and another book in the series called Martin the Warrior, which originally aired in Canada.