Netflix signs Oscar-winning director David Fincher to exclusive 4-year deal

After Mindhunter, House of Cards and Mank, the Fight Club director will create more "content" for the streaming service.

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Gary Oldman in Mank

Gary Oldman on the set of Mank, the new film directed by David Fincher coming to Netflix in December.

Nikolai Loveikis/Netflix

David Fincher is the latest superstar creator to go all-in with Netflix . The Oscar-winning director of Fight Club and The Social Network already helmed hit shows House of Cards and Mindhunter for Netflix, and there's more to come as he says he'll be working exclusively with the streaming service for four years.

"I'm here to deliver them 'content' -- whatever that means," he told Premiere while promoting his new Netflix movie Mank.

Netflix has exclusive deals with a number of proven movie and TV hitmakers. That includes Shonda Rhimes, Mark Millar, Ryan Murphy, and former former Game of Thrones showrunners David Beniof and DB Weiss.

It's probably a canny move for any filmmaker to seek the security of a streaming service as the COVID-19 pandemic threatens movie theatres. Still, cinema fans will be pleased to hear you'll still see Fincher's superlatively visual stylings on the big screen: Netflix generally releases new films by prestigious creators like Fincher in cinemas. Mank opens in (a limited number of) theaters Nov. 13 before a streaming release date of Dec. 4.  

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