Netflix reveals new sci-fi titles from comic book creator Mark Millar

Five movie and TV projects are on the way, including Jupiter's Legacy, Empress, Huck and Sharkey The Bounty Hunter.

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Fans of comic book creator Mark Millar can look forward to five new projects based on his work headed to Netflix

Netflix announced Tuesday its first batch of films and original TV shows based on Millar's stories. Millar is best known for his comics, which were made into hit movies such as Wanted, Kingsman and Kick-Ass

One of the new projects includes a superhero TV series called Jupiter's Legacy that follows the world's first generation of superheroes (who received their powers in the 1930s) and their superpowered children who struggle to live up to their parents' legacy. 

Steven S. DeKnight (Marvel's Daredevil) has been named as showrunner and will also direct the first episode.

The other original TV series is a multilingual (Spanish/English) story called American Jesus that follows a 12-year-old boy who suddenly discovers he can perform miracles like turning water into wine and making the crippled walk. The series will tackle the idea of a kid having to convince the world he can lead them out of darkness. 

Everardo Gout (Marvel's Luke Cage) and Leopoldo Gout (Molly's Game) will serve as co-showrunners and executive producers on the series.

The new Netflix films based on Millar's stories include the fantasy tale Empress, about a queen protecting her children against a ruthless dictator; the superhero saga Huck that centers around a small-town kid who uses his powers to carry out one good deed a day; and Sharkey The Bounty Hunter, a sci-fi adventure story about a blue-collar bounty-hunter who tracks criminals across the galaxy.

No word yet on release dates for any of the announced projects. 

Netflix has been developing projects with Millar since the popular streaming service acquiring his company Millarworld last year. One of Millar's other projects included Netflix's first comic book The Magic Order.

Netflix has become home for numerous comic-inspired shows and movies, including Luke CageJessica Jones and Daredevil

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