Netflix Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance blooper reel has lots of screaming

Gelfling and Skeksis also like to sing pop songs during their down time on set.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

The Skeksis aren't so scary when they're singing.

Kevin Baker/Netflix

Blooper reels have long been adored by fans who cherish the behind-the-scenes goofiness from their favorite shows. There's just something a little unsettling when it's puppets doing the blooping. 

But please enjoy Netflix's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance blooper video released on Wednesday, complete with a crooning Skeksis, an interloping pigeon and lots and lots of screaming.

The video covers a series of comedic on-set errors, from fallen wigs to twitching puppet eyes to skeZok, the Skeksis ritual master, singing the smarmy pop hit All By Myself. 

Age of Resistance debuted on Netflix in late August as a prequel series taking place long before the events of Jim Henson's 1982 movie The Dark Crystal. Both installments have walked an uneasy-yet-compelling line between children's entertainment and fantasy-horror. Our CNET review called it "Game of Thrones with puppets."

If you still find The Dark Crystal terrifying, as many children of the '80s do, then this blooper reel might help quell your fears. See! They're just puppets! And they have very nice singing voices.

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